Rembrance Photography’s featured photographer, John Wilson is a professional fine art photographer specializing in unique images, capturing the subtle details of light in nature and civilization, creating captivating visions of our world.


Artist's Statement


I believe the Earth’s beauty has the power to nourish the human condition on a global level.  I strive, with each photograph, to capture unique facets of lighting and environment to portray nature, civilization, and humanity with majesty, beauty, and clarity.

The bombardment of negatively sensationalized images we encounter daily can become overwhelming.  My goal is to create uplifting images that allow people to experience the beauty of our world.  This way I hope to enhance the feelings of hope, peace, joy and gratitude in the world.  Fine art photographs provide a means to nurture a larger perspective of the interaction of nature, humankind and the universe through the portrayal of life as art.

My images are based on my perception of a specific location and available light to create images that enhance the feelings and perceptions of the viewer.  The key to making this happen is patience.  I wait for just the right moment with the right light to capture an image that likely will never occur again.



Photo courtesy of Rhonda Roman


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